[WIP] Tu-104B

The Tupolev Tu-104 was a twinjet medium-range narrow-body turbojet-powered Soviet airliner. It was the second to enter in regular service, behind the British de Havilland Comet, and was the only jetliner operating in the world from 1956 to 1958, when the British jetliner was grounded due to safety matters. In 1957, Czechoslovak Airlines – ČSA, became the first airline in the world to fly a route exclusively with jet airliners, using the Tu-104A variant between Prague and Moscow. In civil service, the Tu-104 carried over 90 million passengers with Aeroflot, and a lesser number with ČSA, while it also saw operation with the Soviet Air Force.

 - HD 3d model
 - 4K Texture
 - Full Realism Engine
 - 3D Rain
 - Full Clickable Cocpit
 - 3d Salon
 - Realistic Flight Model
 - Realistic Sound

Airplane Information

Maximum airspeed

913 km/h

Cruising airspeed

800 km/h

Range of flight

2120 km.

Flight altitude

11500 meters




9000 kgm.



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